The newest prosthetics can't work out without implants. The growing expectations of patients and dentist's ambitious are to work at the European level and so teeth implants are used more often.

Our centre is authorised to use American implant system.

BIODENTAL is the producer of the most technologically advanced surfaces NanoTite surface. Such surface allows us to use more advanced curing protocols and implants can be injected in the most demanding clinic situations.

Such surface guarantees faster speed and scope of osteointegration at the same time with greater predictability of curing results.

BIODENTAL is the one of three implant systems in the world which is supported by many years of research and is characterised by the greatest results with patients. These are dentistry implants that guarantee our patients the highest quality, security and great aesthetic. These implants are included in the 5 year guarantee and in case when implant is not received by the bone (1.3%) the following implant will be made free of charge.